A Scrips Equity Trading Linked Account will be opened alongside the Customer’s existing BankIslami Account for shares trading and custodial services. Customers can now register for a Scrip Equity Trading Account through any BankIslami branch nationwide.

Key Features

  • Online equity trading facility in Shariah Compliant Securities as approved by the Shariah Board of Bankislami.
  • One window operation for facilitating investment in shares, settlement of trades and custodial services.
  • User friendly, fully automated and integrated system.
  • Safe and secure custodial services.
  • Real time SMS and email alerts for all Scrips Equity Trading Linked Account transactions.
  • Multi trading platform (Application & Web based trading).
  • Access to high quality technical and fundamental stock research of BIPL Securities.
  • Trader assisted trade facility available as well.
  • Discounted offers for availing Auto and Muskun financing.

There are three types of Account Opening Forms required to be filled by customer.

Key Features

  • SCRIPS Linked Account
  • Banklslami CDC Sub-Account
  • Brokerage House Trading Account

SCRIPS Linked Account

This is non-checking Linked Account opened under Customer's base account. Customer can Top up / Withdraw funds to and from SCRIP Linked Account to Base Account through SCRIPS Portal.


Banklslami CDC Sub-Account

Customer’s CDC Sub-Account will be opened with Banklslami, thus providing safe and secure custodial services. All traded Shares / Securities will be settled through Customer CDC sub account and parked /kept in Customer CDC sub account maintained with Banklslami.


Brokerage House Trading Account

Customer's trading account will be also be opened by the Brokerage House (BIPL Securities) through BankIslami Branch. Welcome letter will be send to Customer with login ID & Password on their registered mailing address or through registered email address through which Customer can login his/her Trading Account and execute online Purchase and Sell transactions. Customer will get Research Reports from Broker- age House (BIPL Securities) after registration.


Furthermore there are two types of Brokerage Trading Account

  • Basic Account
  • Premium Account

Basic Account: Definition

Basic Accounts are those, which a client can operate directly from the internet using the Company’s BIPL Direct software.



The client can trade, check the account’s Cash and Securities’ balance details through the internet or the BIPL Direct software during market hours. The details of Cash and Securities are available on BIPL (Bank) portal.


Premium Account: Definition

Premium accounts are special accounts in which online clients are provided with traders for their assistance.



The client can trade, check the account’s cash and securities balance details by using BIPL Direct software during market hours. or by requesting the same to BIPL Bank.


Document Requirements

These are the documents necessary to open the account with BIPL Securities Limited (Account opening requirement will remain same for opening of Bank Account with BIPL).

Individual Clients:

  • Copy of CNIC / Passport
  • Employment proof (Pay slip, Employment letter etc)
  • NICOP in case of NON Resident
  • Bankers Certificate (If any)
  • Certificate for Exemption of Zakat (If required)
  • Copy of authorization letter
  • Special Terms and Conditions

Institutional Clients:

  • List of Authorized Personnel
  • General terms and Conditions governing securities custodial services
  • List of Authorized Signatories
  • Attested Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association / Trust Deed or any other document ensuring registration with a competent authority in that country.
  • Board Resolution to open a CDC Sub account with BIPL
  • Power of attorney in favour of BIPL
  • Special Terms and Conditions

Q. What is Scrips Equity Trading?

  • Scrips Equity Trading facilitates Customers wanting to invest in the stock market in a Shariah compliant way. The service enables custodial services as well as settlement of trades in Shariah Compliant shares/securities through a designated brokerage house of Pakistan Stock Exchange namely BIPL Securities Limited.

Q. Who can open a Scrips Account?

  • Any Customer maintaining an account at any of BankIslami’s branches can open a Scrips Account. Customers not having a BankIslami account can avail the facility by simple opening an account at any BankIslami branch.

Q How many types of Account Opening Forms (AOFs) are there and what is the purpose of these forms?

  • There are three types of AOFs required to be filled by the Customer. These are as follows:

    1. Scrips Linked AOF: This is a non-checking Linked Account opened under the Customer’s base account. Using the Scrips portal, funds may be moved back and forth between the base account and the Scrips Linked Account. A login ID and password will be sent to the Customer on the registered email address. Alternatively, a Customer can also avail the service through IVR by dialing the Call Center.

    2. BankIslami CDC Sub-Account: The Customer’s CDC Sub-Account with BankIslami is opened through this form. Thus, all traded Shares/Securities will be kept with BankIslami which would provide a safe and secure custodial service to the Customer.

    3. BIPL Securities Trading AOF: With this form, the Customer’s Trading Account is opened with BIPL Securities. Following receipt of this AOF, BIPL Securities will send a login ID and password to the Customer on the registered email address to grant access to BIPL Securities online trading platform. The Customer can then use this platform to execute online purchase and sale transactions. In addition, the Customer will get regular research reports from BIPL Securities on their email.

Q. Is there any minimum balance requirement of the Scrips Linked Account?

  • There is no minimum balance requirement.

Q. What type of shares will Scrips be dealing with?

  • Scrips Equity Trading will only be dealing with shares that are Shariah Compliant. The list would be available at the BankIslami and BIPL Securities websites respectively.

Q. What are Shariah Compliant shares?

  • Shariah Compliant Securities are approved by the Shariah Board of Bankislami using Shariah Screening criteria. For a company's share to be qualified as Shariah Compliant, it shall fulfill all the following criteria:

    a. The core business of the company should be Shariah Compliant;

    b. The ratio of Non-Shariah Compliant Income to Gross Revenue should be less than 5%;

    c. The ratio of Illiquid Assets to Total Assets should be equal to or greater than 20%;

    d. The Liquidity per share should be less than Market Price per share, where [Net Liquid Assets = Total Assets – Illiquid Assets – Total Liabilities];

    e. The ratio of Non-Shariah Compliant Investments to Total Assets shall be less than 33%; and

    f. The ratio of Non-Shariah Compliant Debt to Total Assets should be less than 40%.

Q. Are there any shares that cannot be traded by the Customer?

  • Besides Non-Shariah Compliant Shares, the Customer will not be able to purchase shares of BankIslami Pakistan Limited and BIPL Securities Limited due to regulatory reasons.

Q. What if the Customer transfers shares in CDC Sub-Account of a company whose business is Non-Compliant with Shariah?

  • If a Customer transfers the shares of a company whose core business is Non-Shariah Compliant into the CDC Sub-Account managed by BankIslami, the Customer is required to sell or transfer out those shares within a period of 30 working days. In the event that the Customer fails to sell or transfer out these shares, he/she would have to pay a calculated amount to the Charity Fund of the Bank. The sum will be calculated at 1% per annum on the total purchase value of such Non-Shariah Compliant shares for the entire period for which the shares remained unsold. The Charity amount calculation would be done as follows:

    Cinque Terre This payment may be waived by the Bank if the reason for delay in sale is acceptable to the Bank.

Q. Is there any profit on idle funds in the Scrips Linked Account?

  • The Scrips Linked Account is a non-checking account and thus there is no profit on idle funds in this account.

Q. For guidance and clarification, who is the right person to contact?

  • Customers can directly call on following numbers:

    • For Scrips Equity Trading Account related matters - please dial the Call Center of BankIslami Pakistan Limited at 111-475-264. The Call Center is open 24/7. You can also email at contact.center@bankislami.com.pk

    • For BIPL Direct Stock Trading related matters – please dial the Call Center of BIPL Securities Limited Call Center at 111-222-001 or 0800-52722. The Call Center is open during market hours from Mondays to Thursdays between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM and on Fridays between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM. You can also email at bipldirect@biplsec.com

BankIslami Scrips Portal scrips.bankislami.com.pk

BIPL Securities Web Trading Portal www.bipldirect.com