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Islami Foreign Currency Account
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Q. What is the concept behind is Islami Foregin Currency Account?
  Islami Current Account provides a very convenient and flexible option to deposit holders. It offers ease of doing unlimited transactions. This is an ideal deposit product for businesses and individuals who require unrestricted access to their Banking accounts. BankIslami's Internet Banking service, round the clock phone Banking service, our Biometric ATMs and online Banking network complement this product.
Q. What is the relationship between an Islami Current Account holder and BankIslami?
  BankIslami's Islami Foregin Currency Account is based on the Islamic principle of Qarz (loan) whereby you are the lender and the Bank is the borrower. These funds are invested in halal business ventures only so that you are 100% sure that your funds are managed in a Shariah compliant manner. The funds are payable to you on demand as and when required with neither any addition nor penalty.
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