BankIslami- Pioneer of Cardless Biometric ATM in Pakistan

BankIslami’s attention is drawn to advertisements appearing in a section of press on April 08 where an impression has been created that Cardless Biometric ATM services have been offered first time in Pakistan. The factual position is, BankIslami is the pioneer of using Biometrics in banking not only in Pakistan but in certain applications globally. The Bank has been using Biometrics in account opening and verification since 2006, ten years before SBP prescribed its use. Cardless biometric services were launched in 2012 across the network. BankIslami remains the market leader in Industry both in terms of volume and product offering where its position is not likely to be threatened due to the largest proprietary database by any business in Pakistan in next four to five years. Being the pioneer and market leader, we welcome other banks who have ventured into this area and assure them of our assistance for the ultimate benefit of consumers in Pakistan.

BankIslami Pakistan Limited

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