BankIslami Wins 10th CSR Award: Social Impact and Sustainability Initiatives

KARACHI: BankIslami, Pakistan’s leading Islamic Bank, earned the 10th International
Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the categories of “Sustainability Initiatives” and “Social
Impact” by fulfilling its vision of serving humanity the right way.      .
The award is the first and only CSR Award initiative in Pakistan, registered with the IPO,
Government of Pakistan, and was presented to BankIslami at a ceremony held recently in
In order to serve its extensive customer base in the country as best it can, BankIslami relies on
perspectives, skills and valuable insights from every aspect of the societal wavelength. With this
target in mind, BankIslami continues to organize CSR initiatives around the country, staying true
to its core values.
The prestigious awards were presented to BankIslami representatives Mr.Arif Mehtab, at the
ceremony held in Karachi. The event was attended by prominent personalities belonging to the
corporate sector, government organizations, NGOs, academia, and a number of media
organizations were also present.
BankIslami is the country’s first scheduled Islamic Bank with more than 340 branches spread
across the country in 123 cities. The Bank specializes in RIBA-free products and services that
are delivered to customers in the most efficient and user friendly manner.