Priority Banking

BankIslami Priority Banking

BankIslami Priority Banking provides prestigious personalized Shariah Compliant banking services to our esteemed customer
to meet their financial needs by offering dedicated services and value added benefits across country. It is based on three pillars:


Exceptional Services

Value Added Benefits

Priority Benefits & Privileges

BankIslami Priority Banking customer enjoys exclusive Benefits and Privileges.

Priority Banking Fee Waivers
Titanium Debit MasterCard Issuance Free
SMS Alert Free
Mobile Application Free
Pay Orders (PO)/ Demand Drafts (DD) Issuance Free
Duplicate Pay Orders (PO)/ Demand Drafts (DD) Issuance Free
Duplicate Statement Issuance Free
Special Clearing Charges Free
One Touch Banking Free
Cheque Return Charges Free
Inward Remittance Free
Titanium Debit MasterCard Replacement Free
Internet Banking Free
E Statement Free
Pay Orders (PO)/ Demand Drafts (DD) Cancellation Free
Balance Certificate Issuance Free
Inter Bank Funds Transfers Free
Online Banking Free
Cheque book Issuance Free
Cheque Stop Payment Free
Standing Order Instructions Free
Waivers on Consumer Banking Product
Islami Auto Finance Application Fee Free
Muskun Home financing Processing Charges
  • All other charges to be levied as per the Bank’s prevailing Schedule of Charges
  • To discontinue Priority Banking Services, Customer may request in writing to concerned Branch.


To review fee waivers for Priority banking customers at any time, please look at the latest schedule of charges. Please note that “BankIslami Priority Banking services are offered by the Bank at its sole discretion to the customers (including current and saving account holders) who meet the required eligibility and maintain the required criteria. Criteria for BankIslami Priority Banking services are prescribed in the Bank’s schedule of charges (SOC) which can be revised from time to time, as per the Bank’s discretion. The privileges offered under the Services are “qualified” and thus, not discriminative. The privileges do not create any “right” to, or “entitlement” upon Priority Banking Customers or any other customer. If the eligibility is diminished subsequently or required criteria is not maintained by customer, the customer will be charged for availing Banking services as per Bank’s SOC. To discontinue Priority Banking Services, customer may request in writing to concerned Branch”.

Priority Banking Fatwa

To Get Registered to Priority Banking Services

You can request to join BankIslami Priority Banking is filling the below form: