Sha'ban 27, 1438 A.H
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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The external and internal market conditions have had a major impact in certain sectors of the economy, yet their impact lies short term only. The overall market share of the Investment Banking activities has remained robust and intact. The Bounce Factors in the equity markets is seeing improvements which are likely to see activity in IPO offerings and mushrooming of Mutual Funds.

A good pipeline of Capital raising opportunities exists, particularly in Infrastructure, Textile and Services industry. Amiable investment opportunities for the medium term may provide leverage into credit and marketing activities.

BankIslami Pakistan Limited takes deep pride in providing Investment Banking to its valued customers, as its core business, revolving around the concept of Wealth Management.
Products & Services
BankIslami's Investment Banking Division offers a full range of the comprehensive, innovative and uniquely structured customer centric advisory solutions to its clients. After categorizing the products and services of low, medium and high risk the product is structured on the guidelines of Shariah.
Following are the products and services:
Advisory Trusteeship
Fund Raising Trusteeship for SUKUKs etc
Corporate Restructuring Fiduciary Roles in Mutual Funds
Mergers & Acquisitions    
Infrastructure Development Specialized Roles
Project Financing Private Equity
    Special Projects
Structuring Ijarah and Musharkah Syndications
Distressed Assets Sales    
Structured Finance    
Initial Public Offerings    
Musharakah Certificates    
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