Cash Management

company always needs to have enough liquidity for collection and payments solution with efficient reconciliation, which is the key component for a company’s financial stability and solvency.

Bankislami Cash Management proposes its corporate and business customers with cash flow optimization by providing visibility, control, efficiency and security through its technology-based product strategies. It provide customers with comprehensive and an end-to-end cash flow management in the most effective and efficient manner.

Bankislami provides Corporate Internet Banking solution (LinkIslami) for its Corporate/Commercial/SME customers to execute their transactions securely in real time. Our electronic based platform can be tailored to your any specific business need allowing greater flexibility in managing single and bulk transactions. This system is proficient in catering different types of payment and collection methods including making payments in various modes.


  • One-stop solution of receivables and payments of the Company.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Real time online integrated GL-recognition on the basis of customized MIS.
  • Improved TAT’s for realization of funds.
  • Secured Socket Layer SSL with 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure complete privacy of data.
  • 2-Factor Authentication i.e. dual level authentication in the form of Password and PIN generated through security token device and soft tokens.
  • Time-Out feature which automatically terminates a session after a pre-defined period of inactivity.
  • Ease of payment for the Company
  • Transparent and real time monitoring of account
  • Multiple Transaction insertion modes

Digitize Authorization Matrix

Customer can replicate their company’s signing authorities on our online environment by defining user permissions. It is customizable as per the specific needs of the business. With increased control over financial transaction through multi-layer user profiles with limits as per customer requirement to create or upload the payment instructions before execution at Bank’s end.

User categories in our include;

  • Transaction maker
  • Reviewer / Supervisor (Optional)
  • Signatory(ies)
  • Releaser

ERP Integration

With our online real time integrated business process customer can get real time collection bill payment status update into their ERP system. The system optimizes performance and covers all technical and business aspects.

Digitization of Board Resolution

Replicate company’s signing authorities on our online environment by defining user permissions. Customizable as per the specific needs of your business. Gain increased control over your financial transactions through the ability to require multiple signing officers in accordance with company’s charter of accounts to approve electronic transactions.

Payment Suite

Linkislami offers the following payment products:

Corporate Payments

Cash Management clients will have the facility to make payments through LinkIslami for various transactions including Account-to-Account transfer, Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT), Cash over Counter (COC), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Cheque Issuance and generation of PO.

Bulk Disbursements

Through LinkIslami customers has the liberty and convenience to make bulk disbursements in addition to single or one by one payment creation feature


Vendor Payments

Vendor payments can be performed 24/7 electronically or via paper based instruments efficiently and conveniently using the following products.


i- Cash over Counter: Customers can make small ticket transactions in cash via BankIslami counters. Transaction secured via unique transaction PIN sent on the beneficiary’s cell number. The beneficiary can claim funds against this PIN at any BankIslami Branch in Pakistan.


ii- Account to Account Transfer: Transfer funds in real time from your BankIslami Account to beneficiary’s BankIslami account(s)


iii- Corporate Cheque Issuance / Printing: Issue corporate cheques with digital/scanned signatures, printing at your own premises or outsource it to BankIslami. The secured stationery is provided by BankIslami as per your unique requirement on A4 size paper.


iv- LinkIslami Payment Order Issuance: Issue Pay Orders via online instructions. PO printing available in all major cities.


Payroll Processing

Using the bank’s Cash Management platform, the clients also have the ability to disburse their payroll using the bulk file upload module, assigning beneficiaries and associated amounts for payments.


Inter Bank Fund Transfers (IBFT)

Directly credit funds to non-BIPL account holders. The funds are transferred real time from BankIslami to any 1-link member bank account within Pakistan.


Real Time Gross Settlement

Customers can make the RTGS request and it will be processed by the Bank as per the existing RTGS cut off time.


Collection Suite:

Bankislami offers an extensive Collections product for our corporate customer’s which includes:

Over BankIslami Branch Counters

Dealers/depositors of customers will be able to deposit cash directly into client’s collection account in any BankIslami branch. This deposit may be against a particular invoice / Challan or an advance deposit against particular order by a dealer / depositor.


Instrument Collection over BankIslami Counters

Dealers/depositors of customer will also be able to deposit instruments (Cheque/Payment Orders/ Demand Drafts) directly into client’s collection account in any BankIslami branch.


Online Fund Transfer/Business to Business Collections

Dealers/agents of a Cash Management client can also be extended access to LinkIslami portal in-order to make online payments through their BankIslami account.


Cash / Cheque Pick-up and Delivery

Cash Management customers can also be offered with Cash/ cheque pick-up and delivery service at their premises. This service will be provided using available CIT (cash in Transit) companies.


Collections via Other Bank’s e-Channels and 1Link OTC

Get hold of your collections through other bank’s e-Channels (Internet Banking, Mobile App & ATM), 1Link OTC services available over bank counters etc.


Collections via Payment Gateway

A smart way to collect payments against invoices through your company/ school / college etc. website using BankIslami as well as other banks debit/ credit cards and account numbers.   


Dividend Warrants Payment & Processing

Company’s dividend payments can be performed via designated account using BankIslami Cash management portal (LinkIslami).


Bill Payment/Tax Payment

LinkIslami offers payment of Corporate Utility Bills and FBR Tax Challan.


Statement of Account

Real-time access and download facility for company’s account statements.


MIS Reporting

Real-time, comprehensive and customized reports are available for reconciliation of daily collections and payments. The MIS reporting module hosts an array of specialized reports which can be customized as per the requirement of each client for better financial information. The module supports real-time access to transactional information and account balances. Apart from the MIS Reporting Capability the platform also houses a module whereby the customer can access the companies Account Statements, which can be downloaded into multiple formats


SMS/ Email Alerts

If you are an entity which keeps a constant watch on their cash flows then our alert engine is just what you need. Our alert service engine enables you Instant alert provision to keep the customer or the beneficiaries intimated on transaction. Through this service you can proactively monitor your accounts and get instant updates wherever you are via both email and/or SMS. The alerts are modular and can be customized depending on the information you require to be present in it.



LinkIslami uses the highest level of security available in the market today. Having a Multi-layered security for online transaction through 128 bit SSL encryption on the internet, One Time Password (OTP) via email and SMS at login plus transactions and idle session auto sign-out features makes it most secure among all.

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