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BankIslami Priority Banking

BankIslami is delighted to welcome you to the world of Priority Banking, a prestigious personalized Shariah-compliant banking service tailored to meet the financial needs of our esteemed customers. It is based on three pillars:
bankislami priority banking


bankislami priority banking

Exceptional Services

bankislami priority banking

Value Added Benefits


Priority Lounge Workspace

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and flexibility are paramount. People seek innovative solutions that not only simplify their lives but also enhance productivity.

BankIslami has stepped up to meet these demands by providing free workspace at its priority lounges for IT Exporters and Freelancers. Workspace at BankIslami Priority Lounges are equipped with all the amenities, including

  • High Speed WIFI
  • Refreshments
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Power Failure Backup
  • Seamless Banking Services

Workspace at BankIslami Priority Lounges ensures that individuals working within the space can concentrate on their tasks without any distractions.

Priority Lounges

As a BankIslami Priority customer, you will have complete access to our BankIslami Priority Lounges, which are designed to accommodate not only your banking needs but also to cater to your independent, private business meetings in the comfort and privacy of an elegant environment. Moreover, a dedicated team of tellers and service staff will ensure you receive the most efficient service in the best possible way.

Note: BankIslami Priority Banking Lounges are located in selected cities.


Priority Relationship Manager

The Branch Manager at all our branches is the dedicated Relationship Manager for all Priority Customers who will take care of all your day-to-day banking needs.

bankislami priority banking

Priority Phone Banking

Enjoy prompt assistance with BankIslami Priority Phone Banking service From our trained and qualified staff. For any assistance and queries, please feel free to contact us on our 24/7 Priority Phone Banking service (021)111-11-2475 (111-11-BIPL) or email at [email protected] 

In case of any compliant, please email us at

[email protected]


Priority Titanium Debit MasterCard

With the BankIslami Priority Titanium Debit card, give yourself the freedom to enjoy world-class services. Shariah compliant convenience along with unlimited opportunities at any time, around the world!  With this card, you can be identified as a Priority customer not just at our Priority Lounges, but at any BankIslami branch across the country.
Benefits & Privileges

BankIslami Priority Banking customer enjoys exclusive Benefits and Privileges.

Priority Banking Fee Waivers
Priority Titanium Debit MasterCard Issuance
SMS Alert
Pay Orders (PO)/ Demand Drafts (DD) Issuance
iBankIslami Internet Banking
OneTouch Banking
Interbank Funds Transfers
Duplicate Statement Issuance
Cheque Return Charges
Online Banking
Pay Orders (PO)/ Demand Drafts (DD) Cancellation
Priority Titanium Debit MasterCard Replacement
Cheque Stop Payment
Duplicate Pay Orders (PO)/ Demand Drafts (DD) Issuance
mBankIslami Mobile Banking
Balance Certificate Issuance
Special Clearing Charges
Inward Remittance
Standing Order Instructions
Cheque Book Issuance
Waivers on Consumer Banking Product
Islami Auto Finance Application Fee
Muskun Home financing Processing Charges
  • All other charges to be levied as per the Bank’s prevailing Schedule of Charges
  • To discontinue Priority Banking Services, customers may request in writing to the concerned branch.

Priority Banking Customer Relationship Criteria

The Priority Banking services are offered by the Bank at its sole discretion to its customers (including current and saving account holders) who meet the required eligibility and maintain the required criteria as follows:

Account Category Type of Customer Total Relationship (Combined)
Balance Requirement
All Types of Checking Accounts & Term Deposit Certificates in PKR & FCY. Individual

Joint Account

Sole Proprietor

Quarterly average balance Rs. 3 Million and Above (or equivalent in FCY)

Note: BankIslami Priority Banking services may be discontinued if the required criteria are not maintained. Subsequently, charges for services shall be levied as per the Bank’s Schedule of Charges.


To review fee waivers for Priority banking customers at any time, please look at the latest schedule of charges. Please note that “BankIslami Priority Banking services are offered by the Bank at its sole discretion to the customers (including current and saving account holders) who meet the required eligibility and maintain the required criteria. Criteria for BankIslami Priority Banking services are prescribed in the Bank’s schedule of charges (SOC) which can be revised from time to time, as per the Bank’s discretion. The privileges offered under the Services are “qualified” and thus, not discriminative. The privileges do not create any “right” to, or “entitlement” upon Priority Banking Customers or any other customer. If the eligibility is diminished subsequently or required criteria is not maintained by customer, the customer will be charged for availing Banking services as per Bank’s SOC. To discontinue Priority Banking Services, customer may request in writing to concerned Branch”.


Card Discounts

Priority Banking Fatwa

To Get Registered for Priority Banking

You can request to join BankIslami Priority Banking by filling the below form: