Trade Finance Services

Trade Finance Services

BankIslami Pakistan Limited offers a wide range of solutions to facilitate its trade related customers. The Bank is rapidly growing its local network to manage correspondent relationships across the country. We are equipped with the trade specialists who are professional and can facilitate all your trade finance business requirements. Moreover, we have a wide and strong network of correspondent banking arrangements that can cater and offer Islamic financial solutions.

BankIslami operates country wide trade centers to facilitate its customers in the best possible way and provide best services to our valued customers. The names of the major cities where the BankIslami trade centers operate to serve our customers as under:

  • Karachi Trade Centers
  • Lahore Trade Centers
  • Islamabad Trade Centers
  • Rawalpindi Trade Centers
  • Faisalabad Trade Centers
  • Sialkot Trade Centers
  • Gujranwala Trade Centers
  • Multan Trade Centers
  • Peshawar Trade Centers
  Trade Products Offered by BankIslami

Trade Function deals with the following three types of products in terms of broad category:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Guarantees
  • Pakistan Single Window( PSW)
Products for Imports
  1. Letter of Credit (Inland and Foreign)

A letter of Credit issued by a bank to another bank (locally or in a different country) to serve as a guarantee for payments made to a specified person under specified conditions. Being an Islamic Bank, LC is always issued under a Shariah compliant arrangement.

  1. Import Contract Registration

A Contract is an agreement between two parties in exchange of goods and services. Contract will be honored by the issuing bank if documents against it are presented as per the terms and conditions. However, the issuing bank is not liable for payment in case the applicant defaults or fails to honor the payment under contractual obligation. BankIslami opens bank contracts under URC-522 and within SBP regulations.


  1. Import Open Account

An Import Open Account is a transaction where Exporter of the goods dispatches the document to the Importer without opening of Letter of Credit. The goods along with all the shipping documents are dispatched to the Importer and the Importer approaches the bank to initiate payment for the goods received. BankIslami facilitates its clients to fulfill their eligibility criteria of the Import Open Account as per the SBP regulations.

  1. Imports Advance Payment

Import Advance Payment is a pre-payment method in which, an importer makes the payment for the items to be imported in advance (prior to the shipment of goods). BankIslami is facilitating importers to fulfill their eligibility criteria of the Import Advance Payment as per the SBP regulations.

  1. Shipping Guarantee

Issuance of Shipping guarantee is done either through endorsement of Air Way Bill (AWB) or issuance of guarantee in favor of respective shipping company. Shipping guarantee is required by a customer when goods have arrived at port of discharge or airport and the underlying shipping / transport documents have not been received by the LC issuing bank. In order to avoid demurrage & other port/airport charges, a customer approaches the bank for issuance of guarantee in favor of respective shipping company or Endorsement of AWB along with their undertaking that “they will accept the documents despite any discrepancy(ies) therein”.

Products for Exports
  1. Exports LC Advising

Advising a letter of credit means to advise the beneficiary (exporter) that a letter of credit opened by an issuing bank for an applicant (importer) is authentic. BankIslami offers letter of credit advising to its customers under UCP – 600.

  1. Exports Advance Payments

Advance export payment is a pre-payment method in which, an exporter receives the payment for the items to be exported in advance (prior to the shipment of goods). BankIslami processes export advance payment of its customers along with providing best services and competitive FX Rates.

3.Shariah Compliant Alternatives of Bills Discounting

In order to fulfill the liquidity requirements of exports, BankIslami offers different Shariah Compliant alternatives of Bill Discounting. The bank offers this facility using different Shariah Compliant modes while keeping the Bill of Exchange as security.

  1. Export Refinance

Export Refinance is a scheme provided by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) which is a concessional short term financing facility provided to exporters through banks for exports of eligible items and services especially value-added products. BankIslami provides Islamic Export Refinance Scheme (IERS) Part I and Part II and all other export schemes, providing exporters SBP’s subsidized financing schemes within Shariah board guidelines.

Bank Guarantees
  1. Letter of Guarantee

A Letter of Guarantee is an agreement by the Bank to effect payment to another party (beneficiary or oblige) if  Bank’s customer (the principal) defaults in his debt or obligation (a job contact etc.) to the oblige. The parties to Guarantees are:

Surety – The surety is the party that issues the guarantee.

Principal Debtor – The person in respect of whose default, the guarantee is issued, is called the principal debtor.

Creditor – The person to whom the guarantee is given is called the creditor (beneficiary).

Pakistan Single Window Facility (PSW)

The Pakistan Single Window is one of the most significant initiatives taken by Govt. of Pakistan to reduce the time and cost of doing business by digitalizing Pakistan’s cross border trade and eliminating paper based manual processes. Further, this facility / initiative aims to provide an integrated electronic platform that allows parties involved in international trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single-entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit regulatory requirements, where various stakeholders including Pakistan Custom, and Other Government Authorities (OGAs) involved in foreign trade regulations as well as transportation along with connecting port authorities, commercial banks, traders, freight forwarders and transporters etc. on a digital platform. For further detail please Click Here For Further Details