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Women Banking

A Women’s life journey leads her through various memorable life moments such as opening her first bank account at the start of her first job or getting her first paycheck, or buying her first car, or building her first house or opening her own business enterprise. At all her milestones, we at BankIslami understand her unique needs. We at BankIslami recognize, respect and respond to your requirements.

At BankIslami, Women Customers are:

• Welcomed
• Understood
• Valued
• Respected

We understand the distinct financial needs of our women customers and treat them with excellent customer service experience.

At BankIslami, we build long lasting relationships with all our customers by serving them, the Right way!

The following are the products & services offerings for our women customers:

Mashal Asaan Account

Convenient Financial Solutions for Women belonging to all walks of life!
  • Deposit Products
  • Auto Financing
  • Muskun Financing
  • Digital Banking Services
  • Digital Onboarding Platform
  • Commercial Banking (Trade, SME, Agri)
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Islamic Banking and Business Advisory for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Education & Literacy
  • Mashal Women Facilitation Desk in Branches
  • Mashal Women Fianacial Inclusion Awarness Sessions
  • Employee Banking (Durables, Scooty etc.)
Special Offer for all Working Women

Auto Finance

Power up your game & empower your future with AutoFinance!
  • Reduced* Rental Rates
  • 50% Reduction in additional purchase price in case of early termination.
  • 75% Reduction in processing fee.
Same Day Approval
*T&C Apply
bankislamiislami car finance
bankislami home
Special Offer for all Working Women

Muskun Home Financing

Power up your game & empower your future with Muskun Home Financing.
  • Reduced* Rental Rates
  • 50% reduction in application processing fee.
  • 25% reduction in additional purchase price in case of early termination.
*T&C Apply

Deposit Accounts

Islami Accounts are offered through BankIslami Digital Onboarding Portal.
  • Islami Mashal Asaan Remunerative Current Account (Currency: PKR)
  • Islami Asaan Digital Current Account (Currency: PKR)
  • Islami Asaan Digital Savings Account (Currency: PKR)
  • Islami Asaan Digital Sahulat Account (Currency: PKR)
  • Islami Bachat Account (Currency: PKR, USD, GBP EUR)
  • Islami Premium Savings Account (Currency: PKR USD)
  • Islami Current Account (Currency: PKR, USD, EURO, GBP, AED, JPY, SAR CAD)
What you need to open an account?
  • Valid CNIC
  • Mobile number linked to the same CNIC

BankIslami Digital Onboarding Portal

You are on a life journey; enjoy lucrative options with us, The Shariah Compliant Way!

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