BankIslami Hosts Iftar Dinner for Differently Abled Individuals at Dar-ul-Sukun

April 2, 2024by Mujtaba Haider

BankIslami Hosts Iftar Dinner for Differently Abled Individuals at Dar-ul-Sukun


BankIslami recently organized an Iftar dinner at Dar-ul-Sukun, extending its warmth to differently-abled children and senior citizens. This event, held in the Holy month of Ramadan, emphasized the bank’s unwavering dedication to foster joy and inclusivity.

The event featured lively activities, such as henna application, face painting, jumping castle, and distribution of Eid giveaways. These activities brought smiles to everyone’s faces, and promoted a sense of community and togetherness. The event was also attended by the senior management of JS Bank and BankIslami Pakistan. On this occasion, the Deputy CEO of BankIslami Mr. Imran Haleem Shaikh stated: “We are humbled to have the opportunity to host this event and spread happiness among these incredible individuals.” He added; “this event serves as a reflection of our corporate values, highlights the importance of compassion and active community involvement. We will continue to make positive impact in the community through such meaningful initiatives.”

At the event, the CEO of JS Bank, Mr. Basir Shamsie highlighted: “JS Bank and BankIslami spearheads such activities, we aimed to spend time with children and senior citizens, celebrating their moments and give them sweet memories.” Mr Shamsie emphasized the importance of brotherhood taught by Ramadan, bringing everyone together and, also appreciated the management of Dar-ul-Sukun.

In recognition of Dar-ul-Sukun’s community support, JS Bank and BankIslami presented shield to Mr. Savio Pareira – Chief Executive Officer of Dar-ul-Sakun, and also extended a generous monetary donation to the organization.

Mujtaba Haider