At BankIslami, our commitment to consumer convenience is exemplified through our widespread network of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) compromises of 444 ATM’s and CCDMs (Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines) compromises of 4 CCDM’s. These technologies play a pivotal role in transforming the banking experience for our valued customers.

ATM Network:

Cash Withdrawal: Our extensive network of ATMs empowers consumers to withdraw cash conveniently at any time, providing access beyond traditional banking hours.

Balance Inquiry: Customers can check their account balances seamlessly, gaining real-time insights into their financial status.

Transaction History: ATMs facilitate easy access to transaction histories, allowing consumers to track their financial activities effortlessly.


Cash and Cheque Deposits: CCDMs offer a multifaceted solution, allowing consumers to deposit both cash and Cheque directly into their accounts without visiting a traditional bank branch.

Real-time Updates: The CCDM process ensures that deposited funds are promptly reflected in the consumer’s account, providing real-time updates on financial transactions.

How ATM & CCDM Support Consumer Convenience:


24/7 Availability: Our ATMs and CCDMs are accessible round the clock, providing consumers with the flexibility to perform transactions at their convenience.

Reduced Depedency on Branches:

Cash Withdrawal: Consumers can withdraw cash from ATMs, reducing dependency on physical bank branches and enhancing accessibility.

Deposit Options: CCDMs minimize the need to visit branches for routine deposits, streamlining the banking process for consumers.

Time Effciency:

Quick Transactions: ATMs and CCDMs facilitate swift transactions, saving valuable time for consumers with busy schedules.


Secure Transactions: With advanced security features, consumers can trust ATMs and CCDMs for secure transactions, ensuring the safety of their financial activities.

Convenience in Remote Areas:

Extended Reach: The widespread deployment of ATMs provides banking services in remote and underserved areas, catering to a broader consumer base.

Enhanced Banking Experience:

Self-Service Options: ATMs and CCDMs offer self-service capabilities, enabling consumers to manage their finances independently.

By integrating advanced technologies like ATMs and CCDMs into our banking ecosystem, BankIslami is dedicated to fostering a banking environment that prioritizes consumer convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. As technology continues to evolve, so too will our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the overall banking experience for our valued customers.