PayPak Debit Card

BankIslami PayPak Debit Card is a dual interface enabled card; supporting NFC (contactless) and EMV/Chip technology, thus ensuring the utmost security of your debit card along with the convenience of tap and pay facility. With NFC feature on this card, you can just tap your card at NFC enabled ATMs or POS terminals displaying NFC sign to perform contactless transactions.

BankIslami PayPak Debit Card works on the principle of “Buy Now, Pay Now” and the card is backed by PayPak, Pakistan’s first domestic payment scheme powered by 1Link. BankIslami PayPak Debit Card can be used within Pakistan and allows you to make purchases at over 50,000 merchants nationwide, thus eliminating the need to carry cash. You can also access your account for cash withdrawal from over 14,000 ATMs across Pakistan.


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