Don’t lay the foundation of your Dream home on interest. If you already have a Conventional Mortgage loan and want to switch to Shariah compliant means of Financing, we’ll help you transfer it.

Financing Tenure 2-25 Years
Financing Range Rs. 200K – 150M
Bank Investment Ratio Maximum up to 85% for salaried
Maximum up to 85% for SEP *
(* Doctors, Engineers, Architectures, Chartered Accountants)

Maximum up to 80% for Business persons/NRPs

Prepayment Option available 5% if the Facility is settled in the 1st Year

NIL if the Facility is settled after the 1st Year

The MUSKUN Home financing facility is based on the principle of Diminishing Musharakah and Ijarah. The Diminishing Musharakah transaction is based on Shirkat-ul-Milk where you and the Bank participate in ownership of a property.

The share of the bank is then leased to you on the basis of Ijarah and is divided into a number of units. It is then agreed that you will buy the units of the bank periodically, thereby increasing your own share till all the units of the Bank are purchased by you which will make you the sole owner of the property.

Till that time, you pay the Bank rent for its units leased to you. The rent keeps on decreasing as your ownership in the property increases and that of the Bank decreases.


Quick Processing
Flexibility to make partial prepayments
Flexible & affordable installments
Clubbing of family income
No negative area

To Understand the Difference between Diminishing Musharakah and Conventional Long Term Financing kindly click the link

How It Works?
  • You will approach BankIslami and inform about your needs of financing for Home Purchase, Construction, Renovation or Balance transfer facility.
  • You will then submit the filled Application Form along with the required documents and a cheque for processing fee. Our Business Executive will guide you during the whole process.
  • The Bank will conduct verification of your residence & office addresses as well as those of the references provided by you.
  • The Bank will then conduct your Income estimation to determine the maximum financing that can be provided to you.
  1. In case you are Self Employed, our agent will approach you for the necessary income details and documents.
  2. In case you are Salaried, we will approach your employer for this purpose.
  • A legal opinion is then obtained by the Bank on the property documents submitted by you. Valuation of the property is done to determine its Market value.
  • The Bank then issues you an offer letter for the financing amount you qualified for based on your evaluation.
  • After your acceptance, a Shirkat-ul-Milk (Musharaka) Agreement is signed between you and the Bank, whereby, the Bank and you will become joint owners (partners) in the Musharakah property.
  • A Pay Order is issued in the name of the seller in case of MUSKUN Home purchase by the bank. Your Business Executive and our in house / External lawyer will accompany you for the transfer of property in your name. The Pay Order is then handed over to the seller. In case of MUSKUN Home Construction / Renovation / Replacement cases, the financing amount is simply credited to your account. It is ensured through Shariah-compliance checks that the funds are utilized only for construction/renovation/replacement.
  • You and the Bank also execute a Monthly Payment Agreement whereby you agree to pay a monthly payment to the Bank for the use of the bank’s ownership in home.
  • Undertaking to Purchase is given by you, under which you undertake to purchase the Musharakah Units (representing Bank’s undivided ownership share in the property) from the Bank periodically.
  • On monthly basis, you purchase Musharakah units from the Bank. When you have purchased all units of Bank, you become the sole owner with a free and clear title to your home.
  • When you have purchased all units of Bank, you become the sole owner with a free and clear title to your home

BankIslami’s commitment to Shariah is strict and absolute. Muskun Home financing products are approved and verified by our Shariah Board. To view our Shariah Board’s approval of Muskun Home Financing products, click on the following:

Citizenship Pakistani
Cities All major cities where BankIslami Pakistan Limited Branch exist.
Age Limit Salaried/Businessmen/Selected Professionals:
Primary Applicant: 25-65 Years
Co- Applicant: 21-70 Years
Primary Applicant: 25-60 Years.
Co- Applicant: 21-70 Years.
Employment Tenure Salaried:
Minimum 6 months at current employment and 2 years continuous employment experience in the same industry/field.
3 years of business / practice.
Minimum Income Salaried: Rs. 60,000/-
NRPs: Rs. 80,000/- (The respective foreign currency must be equivalent to this amount)
Additional Criteria for NRPs 1. An NRP needs to have a Co-applicant residing in Pakistan as an Authorized Person on behalf of the NRP.
2. Only Salaried NRPs can avail MUSKUN Home Financing.

Documents Required

Copy of CNIC (Applicant and Co-applicant)
2 passport size photographs (Applicant and Co-applicant)
Completely filled Application form with Applicant’s Profile Report
Copies of Last 6 months paid utility bills
Property Documents
Copy of chain of all title documents
Approved Building plan
Public notice

For Salaried Persons
Employment certificate issued by employer
Last three Salary Slips
Bank Statement of last 12 months
Detail of other financing along with its repayment

For Businessmen
Income tax return for last three years , Proprietorship Letter/Partnership ded/ Memorandum and Articles of Association
Company Bank Statement of last 12 months
Detail of other financing along with its repayment

For NRPs
We offer NRPs (only Salaried segment) purchase/construct/renovate/balance transfer facility of a House/Property only in Pakistan only
Last three months Salary Slip
Copy of Passport
Copy of NICOP
VISA/residential status proof
Tax deduction details
Employment Certificate and Contract Copy
Bank Letter and Banks Statement of last 12 months
2 passport-sized colored Photographs of Applicant / Co-Applicant
All the above mentioned documents relating to NRP should be duly attested by Pakistani Consulate

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    Q. What are the minimum and maximum financing limit for MUSKUN-Islami Home Financing?

    Balance Transfer (Replacement): Rs. 200K – 150M

    Q. What is the minimum and maximum tenure being offered by BankIslami?

    Home Replacement: 2-25 Years

    Q. What condition would apply in case of Co-applicant case?

    Co-applicant must be member of the immediate family i.e Spouse, Parents & Children only

    Q. Which areas are considered “positive” for MUSKUN-Islami Home Financing?

    No negative area is marked by BankIslami for MUSKUN-Islami Home Financing

    Q. What is charged if pre-mature payment (early payment or termination) of MUSKUN-Islami Home Financing is done?

    In case any pre-mature payment is done, Bank will sell the Musharakah units as follows:

    • 5% if the Facility is settled in the 1st Year

    • NIL if the Facility is settled after the 1st Year

    Q. Who will assess the value of property?

    We have our approved valuators for this purpose

    Q. Will my spouse’s income also be considered?

    Yes, 100% of your spouse’s income (Wife or Husband) can be clubbed for Debt burden calculation. In addition 50% of your sibling’s income can also be clubbed for Debt burden calculation

    Q. Will BankIslami provide me financing for commercial purposes for example building a commercial plaza?

    MUSKUN Home Financing is a Consumer-financing product and is only meant for residential purposes

    Q. What are the application form & processing charges?

    Please refer to SOC