BankIslami AutoFinance

Fixed Rental قیمت

  • Stop worrying about Fluctuating rates
  • ⁠⁠Get your car on a fixed rate of 19.99% for 3 years
  • ⁠Get your car on a fixed rate of 19.75% for 4 years
  • ⁠Get your car on a fixed rate of 19.49% for 5 years
  • ⁠Terms & Conditions Apply
The Complete AutoFinance Offer Only for You!

Complete AutoFinance Offer

  • Exclusive Rates
  • Residual Value
  • Payment Holiday Plan
  • Reduced Rates for Repeat Sales Customers
  • Special Rates for Women Customers

BankIslami Exclusive AutoFinancing Offer for

Our Most Special Customers!

  • 10% Discount on Rental Rate
  • 50% Reduction on Additional Unit Purchase Price in Early Termination cases
  • 75% Reduction on Applicable Processing Fee


Residual Value Model

  • Nayi gari, jaib pe bhaari
  • To le aao used gari with BankIslami
halal car
Special Offer for all Working Women

For Working Women

Power up your game & empower your future with AutoFinance!
Reduced* Rental Rates:
  • 50% Reduction in additional purchase price in case of early termination.
  • 75% Reduction in processing fee.
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BankIslami AutoFinance

BankIslami Fleet Financing

Unlock the potential of your noncommercial fleet with BankIslami`s Fleet financing options. Whether you operate a small fleet of company cars or manage a large-scale network, our fleet finance offers tailored solutions to meet your unique financial needs. Let us help you navigate the road to efficiency and cost effectiveness, while ensuring that your specific fleet needs are being satisfied.

Features and Benefits:
  • Market competitive rental rate
  • Quick and Hassle free processing and disbursement processes
  • Available for variety of vehicles (locally manufactured / imported/ reconditioned)
  • Residual Value Option
  • Flexible Financing Options
  • Dedicated Customer Support