The Complete AutoFinance Offer Only for You!

Complete AutoFinance Offer

  • Exclusive Rates
  • Residual Value
  • Payment Holiday Plan
  • Reduced Rates for Repeat Sales Customers
  • Special Rates for Women Customers

BankIslami Exclusive AutoFinancing Offer for

Our Most Special Customers!

  • 10% Discount on Rental Rate
  • 50% Reduction on Additional Unit Purchase Price in Early Termination cases
  • 75% Reduction on Applicable Processing Fee

2.99 Profit Pricing

Getting Your Dream Car

Lucrative Offer:
  • 6 Months KIBOR +2.99%
  • Takaful Rate of 1.99%
halal car

Residual Value Model

  • Nayi gari, jaib pe bhaari
  • To le aao used gari with BankIslami
halal car
PakWheels Featured Auto Financing Partner!

BankIslami Auto Finance

New Journeys, lead to new destinations Auto Finance your new ride with us!
  • Free
  • 30% Equity
  • Best Rental Rate
  • Immediate Delivery
  • Extendable Warranty
  • Special Waiver
The Power of Dreams


A collaboration that offers luxury, because You Deserve it.
  • 4 years extendable warranty for BRV’S
  • 50% reduction in City & BRV delivery time
  • Pricing at 6 months KIBOR + 2.99%
halal car
Special AutoFinance Offers

For Medical Professionals

Rental Rate
  • 6 months
  • KIBOR +2%
BankIslami auto finance
Special Offer for all Working Women

For Working Women

Power up your game & empower your future with AutoFinance!
Reduced* Rental Rates:
  • 50% Reduction in additional purchase price in case of early termination.
  • 75% Reduction in processing fee.
bankislami car loan