Generation-Z account is Shariah compliant WhatsApp based technologically advanced Product. This product is based on Shariah principles of Mudarabah. The Product is bundled with features that attract technical savvy Youngsters of Pakistan belongs to Generation – Z.

The Gen Z offers you the following key salient features:
Account Onboarding through WhatsApp (Number 021-111-475264)
Asaan Remunerative Current Account
No minimum balance required
Interbank Fund transfer/Receive Money from/to any Bank Account
Profit will be calculated based on monthly average balance basis
Pakistani Resident having minimum age of 18
Aasaan Remunerative Current Account
Maximum credit balance limit of PKR1000,000
Monthly debit limit of PKR 1000,000
nstant payment for Utility bills, Educational fee, Donations, Mobile Top-up, Online Local or international purchases and transactions
Free MasterCard Classic Debit Card
Free Cheque Book
Free Online Banking
Free Pay Orders
Free BankIslami Mobile App
Free One touch Banking
Frequently Asked Questions

What is BankIslami Gen-Z Account?

BankIslami Gen- Z Account is WhatsApp based Aasaan Remunerative Current Account that can be opened in few clicks of WhatsApp. Ideal for Pakistani Youngsters to open their first bank account

  • Account will be opened through Whats App within few minutes & Clicks
  • No source of funds evidence required
  • Free MasterCard Classic Debit Card
  • Made for today’s young Generation Specially Generation-Z.

What is Gen Z?

Generation borne in the mid-1990s or the early 21st century. They perceived as being familiar with the use of digital technology, the internet and social media from a very young age. They are competitive and quick result oriented, they value flexibility and gender equality as their norm.

Is Generation- Z account Shariah Compliant? 

Yes, Generation-Z account is Shariah compliant. The Product is based on the underlying principles of Mudarabah. the product is approved by Shariah board of BankIslami (fatwa can be seen at our website).

How can I Apply for Bankislami Gen-Z Account? 

To open Gen-Z account, you need to click on link available at our website or massage on Bankislami Whatsapp number 021 111-475-264-. You will be required to response few basic information to open account like

  • Your CNIC number
  • Your CNIC issuance Date
  • Mobile Number. (Your Mobile Sim shall be registered in your name)
  • Purpose of Account
  • Occupation & Source of income
  • Email Address.
  • Upload CNIC Front
  • Upload CINC back

What is the limit of fund transfer? 

You can transfer funds up to PKR. 500,000 withdrawal or transfer limit per day. which may change time to time as per regulatory guidelines.

What is the transaction limit of account balance? 

Maximum Balance Limit can be changed time to time in line with the Bank’s policies and regulation. Currently its

  • Maximum credit balance limit of PKR 1,000,000;
  • Monthly debit limit of PKR 1,000,000;

Are there any charges for opening of Gen-Z Account?

Absolutely not! there are no charges on for the registration on Gen- Z Account. Additionally, you may enjoy lots of free features like Free Debit Master Card and Cheque Book.

What is the profit calculation methodology of Gen- Z Account?

Bank announce profit sharing ratio and weightages 3 days prior to start a month; both PSR and weightages are available at BankIslami website and Branch notice boards. Profit will be calculated based on monthly average balance.

Can I Pay Utility Bills through Gen- Z Account?

Yes, you can do utility bills, Educational fee, Donation, Mobile Top-up etc by Visiting nearest Branch or Online through our Mobile Application, Internet Banking and our ATM Network

Where is the product details are place?

The product details are available at BankIslami Branches, Website, Social media platforms highlighting distinguishing features of the product. You can also dial 111- 475-264 for 24 hours support.

Who can apply for BankIslami Gen-Z Account?

Gen Z product is specially design for Youngsters 18 years plus to open their first independent bank account.

What is the turnaround time for Gen Z WhatsApp based account opening?

In few minutes, Your Account will be opened, you will receive account number and link for Mobile Application for transactions.

Do I need to visit my selected branch for documents verification?

You are not required to visit any BankIslami branch for physical verification of your documents. You Can visit your preferred branch for collection of Cheque Book (if you require) or your own Master Debit Card.

How It Works?

Gen-Z Account Opening Process 

Please Confirm that

  • Your Mobile Sim is registered in your name
  • You have active email address
  • You have valid CNIC
Step 1: Type 'Assalam-u-alykum or Hi' and send it to 021-111-475264
Step 2: Select option No 1 (Open Digital Account)
Step 3: Enter 13 digits of your CNIC Number
Step 4: Enter your CNIC issue Date
Step 5: Enter your Email Address
Step 6: Clicking on Enter OTP option
Step 7: Enter your 4 digit OTP password that Bank send it to your provided email address
Step 8: Select option 1 GEN- Z Account opening
Step 9: Accept Terms and Conditions
Step 10: Select purpose of Account
Step 11: Upload CNIC front and back Picture separately
Step 12: Select your Occupation
Step 13: Accept self-deceleration form
Step 14: Share your current location and choice your nearest branch
Step 15: You have choice to accept Zakat exception form
Step 16: If You were living abroad, you can accept FATCA & CRS form
Step 17: Clicking on mention link for the verification of customer liveliness
Step 18: The liveliness test become successful you receive your application reference number
Step 19: You will receive the confirmation regarding your Account open shortly
Document Required for Account Opening:
  • Valid CNIC:
  • Register Mobile Sim card on Account Holder CNIC.


Apply Now:

Click the link and send the message on Bankislami whatsapp number (021-111-475264).